Download Client Registration Documents (Rights & Obligations, Risk Disclosure Document, Do's & Don't's) in Vernacular Language
Note:"This document is a translated version of the client registration documents in English and is being provided in vernacular language to facilitate better understanding by the investors. In case of any ambiguity, the contents of the English version would prevail."


SrNo Caption
1 Combined Client Registration Form pdf_icon
2 Bank Modification Form pdf_icon
3 MCX Registration Form pdf_icon
4 Running Acc Authorisation Commodities pdf_icon
5 Running Acc Authorisation Financial Services pdf_icon
6 SARAL Account Opening Form for Resident Individuals pdf_icon
7 Client Master Updation Securities pdf_icon
8 Client Master Updation Financial pdf_icon
9 MCX Digital Contract Form pdf_icon
10 Client Activation Letter pdf_icon
11 Internet Trading Letter pdf_icon
12 Mobile Trading Letter pdf_icon
13 Running Account Authorisation pdf_icon
14 Know Your Client Change Individuals Form pdf_icon
15 Know Your Client Policy pdf_icon
16 Exchange Matrix pdf_icon
17 Combined Client Registration Form pdf_icon
18 Know Your Client Application Form (For Individuals) pdf_icon
19 Authorisation for Dig Contract pdf_icon
20 Digital Agreement pdf_icon
21 DP account modification pdf_icon
22 Trading Modification Form pdf_icon
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