As a Depository participant of the Central Depository
Services Limited, Capstocks acts as an interface
between the investor and the depository(CDSL) and
facilitates the investors to carry the activities of
Dematerialisation (The process of converting physical shares to
electronic shares), Rematerialisation (The process of converting
electronic shares to physical shares) Maintain Securities electronically.
This enables safer, faster and easier way of holding and trading securities.
Capstocks Depository Services provides you with a secure
and convenient way for holding your securities on CDSL.

Account holders can view their holding position through Internet. We also offer “easi”(Electronic Access to Securities Information) through which client can view his holdings
and " easiest " (Electronic Access to Securities Information and Execution of Secured Transaction) - " easiest " is a secure internet- enabled service with 128bit encryption using Digital Certificate supplied by "verisign") through which clients can give delivery instructions online.


NRI Investment in
Stock & Shares

We have an exclusive NRI Cell functioning to meet the
requirements of our NRI clients. The cell assists NRI clients
to invest in Stocks and shares, opening accounts on repatriation/non
repatriation basis, placing orders, providing investment advice and also
acts as a single window point to resolve queries related to any matter related to
their dealings with the company.

Account Opening :

We take care of all the paperwork and procedures involved in opening NRI client accounts and bank accounts on Portfolio Investment Scheme.


Why Internet Trading

Using Internet Trading you can trade from the comfort of
your home/office, anywhere in the world. Clients registered
with Capstocks can trade directly at NSE ,BSE and MCX after
appropriate risk management. Clients can send new orders, modify
and delete pending orders, view trades, view real-time market info and
setup portfolio etc. through this facility. You can make use of various
other online facilities like :

* Make payments through the Internet against their purchases using Internet
Banking . * Deliver shares through the Internet using 'easiest' facility offered by CDSL.
* Receive digitally-signed contract notes by e-mail. * View real-time their account details. * Get online news updates of events influencing the stock market. * Our clients will never feel the need to visit our offices, though of course they are always welcome!


Capstocks and Securities (India) Pvt. Ltd, one of
Kerala’s best stock market advisory company, has
envisioned series of programs to spread awareness
on the financial sector among its investors and to the public.
Capstocks provides Stock market advices as well as training on
How to invest on Stock market. These programs will be
offered through the Capstocks Knowledge Centre based at
Thiruvananthapuram. An exemplary service provider for the last 28 years,
Capstocks has been organising awareness sessions in the financial sector –
especially related to the stock market – for investors, students and everyone
with an interest in the markets. The company has also been offering personalised
financial services for the last 28 years.



We love gold, almost every Indian home has a little of it.
For centuries, gold has remained an auspicious gift,
whether it's for a new born baby or for a newly married couple.

We all know how gold gets passed down generations and has proved
to be a good investment over decades. No wonder, India is
world's largest consumer of gold. Gold's most enduring benefit is its ability
to stabilize a portfolio and protect it against market fluctuations.

Historically, gold prices have shown better stability even during periods
of crisis, as compared to other investment types. Most experts advise investing in gold
as a "must", since gold creates a robust portfolio that withstands market fluctuations. Gold has reflected providing stable returns in the long run.


Online Commodity

India one of the fastest growing economies in the world is one
of the attractive destinations for investments. With volatile global
environment diversification and hedging of investments is much
needed to mitigate risk. One such popular profitable avenue available
for Indian investor is commodities market.

In India, the commodities available for trading includes precious metals, ferrous
and non-ferrous metals, spices, pulses, plantation crops, sugar
and other soft commodities.Commodity trading is nothing but trading in commodity derivatives for hedging and arbitraging (futures or options).

Capstocks provides Commodity trading through MCX exchange. We provide live trading session from 10.00 am to 11.30/11.55 pm and customers can trade with fair expenses with personalized expert advice with online /offline modes.


Currency Trading

Indian currency futures enable individuals and companies in
India to hedge and trade their Indian Rupee risk. Currency
futures are needed if your business is influenced by fluctuations
in currency exchange rates. Every business exposed to foreign
exchange risk needs to have a facility to hedge against such risk.
We at Capstocks provide Currency Futures trading also known as
FX Future which allow investors to hedge against foreign exchange risk.
Exchange-traded currency futures are a superior tool for such hedging
because of greater transparency, liquidity, counterparty guarantee and accessibility.

Any resident Indian or company including banks and financial institutions can participate in the futures market. However, at present, Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) are not permitted to participate in currency futures market.

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