An easy and sensible way of forging ahead in creating wealth!
Stock Market investments made easy ! Capstocks Presents Equity Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) Portfolios, a convenient way of making periodic and regular investments
Capstocks with its high caliber competence in Equity Research has come out with comprehensive and well-tailored portfolios of stocks for investors having a medium term perspective. Monthly earners who shy lump investments should find this option eminently acceptable.
The SIP portfolio is designed in such a way as to bring in different sectors representing diversification. Investors have just to buy the stocks in portfolio periodically at regular intervals, say monthly or weekly. Over a period the invested portfolio will become large enough to meet your financial commitments. To give the privilege of choice to investors, two portfolios are given and they can select between them according to their risk profile. Time to time, stocks in the portfolio will be reviewed and suitable updating will be done, if needed.
Benefits of Systematic Investment
  • Offers small investors a direct entry to the stock markets, with the benefit of investing in stocks selected by our expert research team
  • Investment can be made in small amounts monthly, which is best suited for the salaried class
  • investments are made in all market conditions. The general psychology of investors is to invest when the market is on bull trend. But SIP encourages an investor to set aside sentiments and make him/her disciplined, investing in down market conditions also.
  • Unlike in mutual fund sip, dividends from investments are directly credited to the investors bank account

This portfolio consists of India's top blue-chip companies with a proven track record of good management. Companies indicated below have notable growth potential and many of them have global exposure. The stocks are selected from core sectors like Auto, Infra, Banking, Telecom, Pharma, IT, Oil & Gas and FMCG, which are the pillars of our economy They forma portfolio ideally suited for investors with a low-to-medium risk profile. The minimum investment required to by the blue chip portfolio is around Rs.15,000.00

The portfolio consists mainly of midcap stocks from various sectors which have a high growth potential. It is suitable for investors having medium to high risk appetite. The minimum investment required to buy the Growth Portfolio is around Rs.5,000.00

To purchase any of the above Capstocks Equity SIP Portfolios, please register by clicking on the respective icons and enter your details. Our Client support team will get in touch with you

Investments are subject to market risk. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.
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