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Capstocks is a SEBI approved Portfolio Manager. Clients can rely on the expertise of the team of expert fundamental and technical analysts to make investment decisions for them. The company is strong on equity analysis and it has been one of the strengths of the company. Our team of Portfolio Managers and Analysts are headed by Mr.Rajendran.V, Managing Director who has an 18 years success track record in the Capital Markets.

Investment Objective
The investment goal is to maximize returns through intelligent stock picking and analysis. The main approach is to invest in a mix of securities comprising of front line stocks, mid cap stocks and identified growth stocks.

Why entrust your investments to a portfolio manager ?
In today's fast moving world it is not at all possible or intelligent to do all personal investments on your own. One cannot keep pace with the fast moving markets and information flow on a day to day basis. This is where a Portfolio Manager like Capstocks comes into the picture. Capstocks portfolio management team keeps track of the markets on a daily basis and has at its disposal a lot of information and analytic tools which an investor would not normally have .Also the investor does not have to go through the grind of analyzing balance sheets, income statements or financial ratios himself. Other technicalities pertaining to shares like dividends, rights, bonus ,buy-back, mergers and acquisitions are also be taken care of by us.

Minimum Portfolio Amount
Minimum Portfolio amount should be Rs.25 lakhs as SEBI rules stipulate this minimum amount. You can also give your existing shares as capital and the same will be valued at market rate.

Management Fee structures

(1) Option I
3 % annual fee is debited quarterly on average daily NAV of the portfolio.

(2) Option II
1% Annual Fee is debited quarterly on average daily NAV. Additionally 20% of profit is taken as fees on profits above 10%. This charge on profit is calculated after deducting 1% annual fees and other charges payable to Capstocks. This charge on profit will be charged at the end of the financial year or termination of the agreement with Capstocks whichever is earlier.

Account opening Procedures
The client has to submit a completed account opening form, duly signed agreement form, copy of Pancard, Photograph, proof of identity and bank details.

Client Reporting
You can find out the NAV of your portfolio and how your investments are faring on a daily basis through email. Where email facility is not available, we will send a biweekly report by post , or the information can be made available anytime from our office on request.

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