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Date Headline
[23-Feb-18 17:11] Rupee closes higher
[22-Feb-18 17:14] Rupee settles lower below 65/$ mark
[22-Feb-18 11:05] Precious metals gain
[21-Feb-18 17:13] Rupee closes higher
[21-Feb-18 11:13] Precious metals turn dull
[20-Feb-18 17:13] Rupee Succumbs To Losses
[19-Feb-18 17:11] Indian currency market shut for holiday
[16-Feb-18 17:25] Rupee succumbs to losses
[15-Feb-18 17:22] Rupee sustains gain
[14-Feb-18 17:25] Rupee Closes Higher
[13-Feb-18 10:47] Indian Currency market closed on Tuesday
[12-Feb-18 17:28] Rupee recoups losses
[09-Feb-18 17:09] Rupee plunges
[08-Feb-18 17:05] Rupee recovers
[07-Feb-18 17:20] Rupee sheds tears