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Date Headline
[16-Jan-19 17:08] Rupee loses shine further
[15-Jan-19 17:23] Rupee goes down
[15-Jan-19 16:57] Rupee decelerates further
[14-Jan-19 18:24] Rupee falls
[11-Jan-19 16:59] Rupee gives up gains
[10-Jan-19 17:02] Rupee closes higher
[09-Jan-19 17:01] Rupee extends fall
[08-Jan-19 17:02] Rupee falls
[07-Jan-19 17:07] Rupee closes higher
[04-Jan-19 17:13] Rupee bounces back strongly
[03-Jan-19 17:27] Rupee continues downtrend
[02-Jan-19 17:07] Rupee loses shine
[01-Jan-19 17:29] Rupee closes up
[31-Dec-18 17:33] Rupee sustains momentum
[31-Dec-18 08:13] Bullions shine